Newcastle United

NUFC, supporters the black and white toon army

The official Newcastle United supporters club on the pacific paradise of Niue.

Yes I want my name @toonarmy.NU, how much does it cost?
£25 per year, order form here
What is this service and how does it work?
This is an e-mail redirect service any mail sent to [email protected] is automatically redirected to your existing e-mail account, you simply change your e-mail name and the reply address to [email protected]DO NOT CHANGE ANY OTHER SETTING
Then when you send mail you appear to the receiver as [email protected],and the reply address will be [email protected] must have an existing internet connection for this to work.
What are the advantages to me?
Pride, personalised unique e-mail address, show your support for Newcastle United Football Club,the toonarmy and the magpies.
Great, but tell me about the advantages?
[email protected] is your for as long as you pay the yearly fee, it is portable. In other words if you change your internet service provider you loose that e-mail address, the same thing happens if you change jobs, university or your school. With our service you simply let us know your new e-mail address and we will alter your redirection details.You can change the redirect address (that is the one your internet provider gives you) twice a year for free, after that there will be a fee of £10 every time you make a change.
Can I have any name @toonarmy.NU that I want?
NO, some names are reserved, such as [email protected], [email protected] Other names are only available to to the person who has that real name. For example if you want [email protected], you have to prove that you are actually Alan Shearer.(Alan if you want your name, let us know I am sure that we can work out a special deal). You can have [email protected], or [email protected],use your imagination
Will you redirect mail to any mail box?
No, we will only redirect to an e-mail account given by an internet service provider. Free services such as Hotmail, Bigfoot and Yahoo can not have mail redirected to them.
This is to stop abuse of our system by bulk e-mailers (Spam or spammers). Our personalised e-mail services can not be used for any unsolicited e-mail purposes. Abuse or any miss use of [email protected] will result in that e-mail redirect service being terminated and no refund of the fee.
I have received such mail what can I do?
Let us know by e-mail immediately
What are you going to do with the details that you have on record?
NOTHING, we require names, addresses, phone numbers only to verify that you are who you say you are, this is for the protection of every body who uses our personalised e-mail services and for our protection.
We will only contact you in the event of a problem, such as a server upgrade.
What security do I have, how do I know that you will not just take my money and not give me the service that you are offering?
All transactions are handled by our authorised agent in the UK, NRG Internet, they handle everything for us from their offices in County Durham. Full contact details are available on our order form or go directly to their web pages, they have some great hosting deals click here
Can I get my name automatically over the net and pay by credit card?
Sorry, you cannot, this is a personalised service handled by real people, this is to stop possible mis-use of the service.
In respect of credit cards we are looking at this, but for the moment we are accepting cheques only.
I want to reserve my name for later use
That is not a problem
I want to get a name or reserve one as a present
Again, no problem
Are you anything to do with Newcastle United Football Club or any other NUFC association, club, web site or magazine?

No, we are an independent group and do not claim to be associated with any person, company, association or NUFC body.


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